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27.03.2023 - Newest version of Fluogen

29.04.2022 - Newest significant update of Searching for a partner

03.06.2021 - Overhauled Mathematics of cadence (part of What is Reality?)

17.02.2016 - Added relaxation sounds

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Losing weight | Choosing a mattress | Home design tips | Building a house

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What is Reality? | Fluons | Multidimensional numbers

Searching for a partner | SexualEducation | Intelligence

Cryptocurrencies | Correlation is not causation

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Gardener of Thoughts CG | Arbos


Vela is a mix between an instant messenger and an email manager. It has no centralized authentication service, everything is stored on the computers of its users, the communication is fully encrypted, and above all it's open source.

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Books and Articles #2

Emoney | Business | Money | Digital works money pool

Reflexology | Environment | Compute securely | Human mind

Capitalizing software distribution | Voting | Various thoughts

Gardener of Thoughts (the novel, work in progress)

How to write lean code


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